Campaign Management

Lincoln Strategy Group has managed campaigns both domestically and internationally. These projects have served a wide variety of clientele, including the Republican National Committee, state-wide, campaigns, Congressional campaigns, and more. The Lincoln leadership team include two former Republican Party Executive Directors.


Corporate Public Affairs

Nathan and his team at Lincoln Strategy Group have effectively lobbied all levels of government leadership to create a real impact. Their staff includes a former Congressional Chief of Staff, former legislative aides, and a former corporate lobbyist. This combined expertise means Lincoln Strategy Group offers the necessary access to create change.


Public Relations

Lincoln Strategy Group offers strategic media guidance, designed by in-house communications specialists who direct the conversation around clients’ issues on a large scale. From crisis control to long term planning, the firm has the experience and relationships to disseminate the right message in the right way – especially when it comes to winning votes.


Grassroots Management

Lincoln Strategy Group employs effective grassroots organizing. Through committed and clear client service, the firm works hard to identify a winning message and build the right network to get the job done. Nathan has managed everything from national campaigns to issue advocacy efforts via thousands of volunteers.

Nathan Sproul

Nathan Sproul serves as the Founder and Managing Partner of Lincoln Strategy Group. As the chief public representative of the firm, Nathan manages day-to-day operations and oversees Lincoln’s team of highly accomplished and effective campaign consultants.

Lincoln Strategy Group offers unmatched political strategy and public affairs management expertise, working alongside clients to develop messages that resonate with voters and change minds. The firm’s specialties include campaign management and strategy, public affairs and government relations, strategic research, voter identification, “Get-Out-The-Vote” efforts, ballot access, voter contact, grassroots engagement, and advertising. They also have substantial experience in corporate public affairs.

Under Nathan’s leadership, Lincoln Strategy Group has managed over 750 campaigns for clients both domestically and abroad across more than 15 different industries. Lincoln has worked on three presidential campaigns, multiple gubernatorial, senatorial, and congressional campaigns, and local campaigns at every level.

To date, Lincoln Strategy Group has organized and deployed over 36,000 field workers and qualified over 250 candidates and issues for the ballot. More than 11 million doors have been knocked on through the orchestrated grassroots efforts of Lincoln. The firm knows how to motivate canvassers to get campaign materials in front of potential voters and authentically engage the constituency.

Nathan’s quotes have appeared in national publications like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post. He is often sought out by both local and national news outlets for interviews, opinions, and quotes.

Nathan has over 20 years of experience in the political arena. Prior to founding Lincoln Strategy Group, he was the Regional President for Voyager Expanded Learning where he oversaw sales and government relations for the company in Arizona and Nevada. Nathan also served as Executive Director of the Arizona Republican Party from 1999 – 2002. He holds an MBA and resides in Chandler, Arizona with his wife and three children. 

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