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Nathan Sproul

Nathan Sproul serves as the Founder and Managing Director of Lincoln Strategy Group. As the chief public representative of the firm, Nathan manages day-to-day operations and oversees Lincoln’s team of highly accomplished and impactful campaign consultants.

Lincoln Strategy Group specializes in managing campaigns both in the political and corporate public affairs sector, operating projects from inception to completion or anywhere in-between. They offer unmatched political strategy and public affairs management expertise in an ever-changing, dynamic and global world. Where other firms have failed, Lincoln Strategy Group has come alongside their clients and successfully helped them influence public policy, build and maintain a strong reputation and find common ground with stakeholders. They operate with strategic intelligence, move at hyper speed, and execute with precision.

Nathan Sproul
Nathan SproulManaging Director at Lincoln Strategy Group

Over the past 13 years Lincoln Strategy Group has worked with a variety of diverse fortune 500 companies such as Wynn Resorts, LTD, AT&T, Switch SUPERNAP, Harrah’s, Walmart, Caesars Entertainment, British American Tobacco, Education Networks of America and others in the public affairs, policy, lobbying, crisis communications and development space.

In the political realm, they get results with their uncanny ability to resonate with voters and change minds. The firm specializes in campaign management and strategy, strategic research, voter identification, “Get-Out-The-Vote” efforts, ballot access, voter contact, grassroots engagement, and advertising.

Under Nathan’s guidance, Lincoln Strategy Group has managed over 750 campaigns for clients both domestically and abroad across more than 15 different industries. Lincoln has worked on five presidential campaigns, multiple gubernatorial, senatorial, and congressional campaigns, and local campaigns at every level.

Nathan Sproul’s Political Leadership: Mobilizing the Masses

To date, Lincoln Strategy Group has organized and deployed over 36,000lincoln-strategy-group field workers and qualified over 250 candidates and issues for the ballot. More than 11 million doors have been knocked on through the orchestrated grassroots efforts of Lincoln. The firm knows how to motivate canvassers to get campaign materials in front of potential voters and authentically engage the constituency.

Although grassroots campaigning has been a mainstay in politics since before technology changed the way we communicate, Nathan Sproul has seen grassroots campaigns become an increasingly necessary outreach strategy for candidates and corporations. There’s nothing more compelling than meeting and motivating your audience through on-the-ground interactions that engage people where they are. Research suggests that these types of person-to-person outreach initiatives are proven to mobilize hundreds of thousands or even millions of people. That’s why for Nathan Sproul and Lincoln Strategy Group they continue to be a mainstay.

Nathan Sproul in Public Affairs: Bridging the Divide

Nathan Sproul continues to lead Lincoln Strategy Group to be an innovator in public affairs and government relations. Nathan Sproul and his team have effectively lobbied all levels of government to create a real impact. From crisis control to long-term planning, Nathan deploys his vast experience and key relationships to disseminate the right message in the right way. 

Nathan has also positioned Lincoln Strategy Group as a player in the media and advertising arenas, providing strategic media advice and employing in-house specialists who can correspond with the media on a client’s particular issue. Whether it’s a crisis or long-term planning, Nathan Sproul brings clients the experience and relationships to get their message out to the media. Nathan knows firsthand that television and social media are critical tools in effective campaign messaging, so Lincoln Strategy Group is one-stop-shopping for clients’ communications needs.

Nathan Sproul’s Early Career

Nathan Sproul grew up in Tempe, Arizona, one of the American Southwest’s most diverse and dynamic enclaves. Tempe is known as a resourceful and enterprising city whose prime location in the center of the thriving Phoenix metropolitan area has contributed to its success in attracting and keeping dynamic companies within its borders. Tempe is also where Nathan Sproul began to nurture his entrepreneurial spirit and civic-minded political engagement.

In 1994, Nathan attended Pillsbury College in Minnesota and excelled as a standout student among the institution’s prestigious scholars. After earning his undergraduate degree, Nathan landed a coveted internship in Washington for then-Rep. Jon Kyl (R-Arizona).

He later returned to Arizona to head up the local Christian Coalition where he was instrumental in defining the group’s legacy as a “powerhouse” political player. As the demand for skillful leadership within Arizona’s political organizations increased, Nathan quickly rose to prominence, and he went on to serve as head of the Arizona Republican Party.

Prior to founding Lincoln Strategy Group, Nathan was also the Regional President for Voyager Expanded Learning where he oversaw sales and government relations for the company in Arizona and Nevada.

Nathan Sproul: Leading With Integrity

As Executive Director for the Arizona Republican Party from 1999 to 2002, Nathan SproulAZ-Logo advanced the Party’s commitment to being “the party of the people.” With a focus on building a healthy economy based on free enterprise and sensible business practices, Nathan groomed successful candidates whose campaigns promoted opportunities and prosperity for all Arizonans from every walk of life. Nathan’s much-lauded accomplishments with the state Republican Party set the framework for his career as a sought-after political consultant and strategist.

With more than 20 years of experience in the political and public affairs arenas, Nathan offers clients the pragmatism and insight of an industry veteran. Nathan’s quotes have appeared in national publications like The New York TimesThe Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post. He is often sought out by national news outlets for interviews, opinions, and quotes. Nathan Sproul is a contributing author with The Huffington Post as well as a prolific blogger where he shares insights on politics, public affairs, and philanthropy & community engagement.

Nathan Sproul holds an MBA and resides in Chandler, Arizona with his wife and three children. He believes in education, hard work, and the power of the individual to achieve extraordinary accomplishments.