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Three Reasons to Volunteer as a Mentor

For many young people, mentors are a lifeline. Research demonstrates that people—and that includes children, teens, young adults, and adults of all ages throughout their careers—benefit from having mentors in various ways. Results from one multi-disciplinary study show that “mentoring is associated with a wide range of favorable behavioral, attitudinal, health-related, relational, motivational, and career outcomes.” I [...]

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Three Questions to Ask Before You Join a Board

For some individuals, being a member of a board invokes pictures of rich movers and shakers, writing hefty checks and chairing lavish fundraisers. Surely, that kind of board participation is essential to soliciting money on behalf of a worthy organization. However, there are other functions of a board member that many people overlook. My leadership [...]

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When Twitter Meets Politics

This year, Twitter celebrated its 10th anniversary. In the 10 years since Twitter launched in March 2006, the social media platform has become a foundation for everything from marketing new products and services to sharing and gathering breaking news. As for Twitter’s influence on politics, it has been called a “force that has bolstered grassroots [...]

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What Is a Grassroots Campaign?

If you look up the definition for grassroots, you’ll  find anything alluding to the concept of “made for and by common citizens.” A grassroots campaign is no different. Here are the three objectives in this type of campaign. Choose a Goal Does the organization want to elect an official? Do you want to target a specific [...]

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Presidential Politics 101

During an election year, the word “politics” gets bandied about a lot. It’s always helpful to take a step back to assess what, exactly, we mean when we use the word. From the political parties to the election itself (and, of course, the day to day running of government), here’s a quick guide to presidential [...]

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