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House Democrats don’t think so, but they need Republicans to impeach Trump

Opinion: House Democrats are too obsessed with impeaching President Trump at any cost. They're wrong to do it alone. An investigation and subsequent vote to impeach a duly elected president of the United States could very well be one of the most difficult processes our country could initiate, experience and endure. In fact, only three presidents [...]

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Donald Trump and Martha McSally won’t win Arizona if Joe Arpaio runs for sheriff

Opinion: We cannot let Joe Arpaio make the 2020 election about him. Not if we want other Republican candidates to win. There have been some famous political campaigns based entirely on vanity. Ross Perot’s quixotic adventure of 1992, which handed the White House to Bill Clinton, comes to mind. This year, Mark Sanford and Bill [...]

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What if we used a credit rating system to keep guns out of the wrong hands?

This debate shouldn’t be about the type of gun, but rather about the type of person allowed to own the gun. (Photo: Courtney Pedroza/The Republic) As a Republican, and far more importantly, an American, I believe the rights to private property and gun ownership are equally important to maintain a free society. Both are enshrined [...]

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APS secretly paid to defeat the campaigns I ran. Here’s how it can make things right

Opinion: APS's involvement in the 2014 election raised plenty of legal and ethical questions. But there are ways to restore shattered trust. Arizonans now know what has been suspected for years – that Pinnacle West, the parent company of Arizona Public Service, secretly spent more than $10 million in 2014 to defeat pro-clean energy commission candidates Vernon Parker, [...]

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Understanding CSR: Not All Corporate Giving Methodologies Are Created Equal

Republished from lincoln-strategy.org.  In different walks of life, the debate continues eternally as to which is more important: quality or quantity. We’ve outlined in recent blog posts the fact that the quantity of philanthropy–both in a corporate and individual sense–is increasing over time. People are giving more time, more money and are more aware and cognizant of [...]

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Celebrating Lincoln Strategy Group’s Participation in Principal for a Day

I’m very proud of Lincoln Strategy Group’s participation in such a worthwhile program.–Nathan Sproul The following is republished from lincoln-strategy.org.  About a decade ago, prior to Dr. Stephanie DeMar’s arrival as principal at Loma Linda Elementary school, the educational institute was rife with problems. Students were skipping school regularly as truancy rates spiked. When students did [...]

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2016 Senate Elections, a Recap

Last year, over at NathanSproul.com, I wrote a series on “Senate Races to Watch.” Now that the elections are way behind us, I offer a recap of who won. Ohio Nathan Sproul – Senate Race To Watch in Ohio from Nathan Sproul on Vimeo. The winner: Rob Portman Nevada Nathan Sproul – Senate Race To Watch in Nevada from Nathan Sproul on Vimeo. The winner: Catherine Cortez [...]

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Funding More Public Affairs and Less Government Relations

A recent survey revealed that Washington insiders expect quicker growth in spending on “public affairs”—digital, grassroots/grasstops, and public/media relations—than on traditional government relations—which include direct lobbying, advocacy advertising, and political contributions—for the second year in a row in 2017. A separate study revealed the federal government employed over 3,000 public affairs officers spread across over [...]

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Fall in Love with Phoenix

Phoenix has long been noted as a popular snowbird destination. Its mild winter weather, and multitude of recreation and cultural opportunities attract all types, from all over. But, did you know that autumn is an incredible time to visit? With so much to experience, and ideal weather to do it all in, it’s obvious why [...]

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How to Use Digital Public Affairs to Stand Out

In today’s fast-paced world when nearly everything can be done digitally to maximize efficiency and effectiveness, businesses cannot ignore the importance of using digital public affairs to achieve advocacy success. With many companies relying on digital communications specialists, digital advocacy software, and advanced data-driven campaigns, it’s obvious that digital public affairs are a recurring character [...]

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